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Derry or Londonderry is the second-biggest city in Northern Ireland


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Introducing Londonderry

Londonderry – also known as Derry is the only completely Walled City in the British Isles. The walls were built in the 17th century as defences for early seventeenth century settlers from England and Scotland. It is well worth the visit if you're based in Belfast and want to make an excursion out of the capital. Situated around 62 miles away, the trip would take around 90 minutes. Derry will keep you busy with its beautiful riverside setting, its several fascinating historical sites and the numerous museums, galleries and theatres, as well as thriving musical and literary scenes.


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Region: Northern Ireland

Time to spend here: 3 hours - 1 day

More Information: Tourist Information website

What's nearby? Sligo, Causeway

What transport do you recommend? Derry is a large city, the very centre of which can be navigated on foot. However to explore its recent history we recommend a guided taxi tour of the urban neighbourhoods surrounding the city

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What can I see in and around Londonderry?

City Walls

A walk around the City walls in Londonderry reveals a splendid city crammed full with history, heritage, interest and vibrant cultural scene.
Time to spend here: 1 hour   More information

The Tower Museum

The Tower Museum is a great place to learn more about the story of Derry, from its geological formation millions of years ago, right up to the present day.
Time to spend here: 3 hours   More information

The Museum of free Derry

The Museum of Free Derry is a brand new museum created by the Bloody Sunday Trust which aims at telling the story of the most important periods in the history of this city – the civil rights era of the 1960s and the Free Derry/early troubles era of the 1970s from the point of view of the people who lived through, and were most affected by, these events.
Time to spend here: 2 hours   More information

The Harbour Museum

The Harbour Museum hosts an eclectric collection of objects showing the citys mantime connections from architectural drawings early maps and plans of the city to archaeological finds.
Time to spend here: 1 hour   More information

County Tyrone

County Tyrone to the south of Derry is steeped in history and culture. From Neolithic monuments and restored mills to National Trust properties and forest parks. The heather-clad Sperrin Mountains are the largest and least explored mountain range in Northern Ireland with dramatic landscapes, rivers teaming with life, mountains, valleys, forests and lakes. This area can provide you with peace and solitude, with a backdrop of beautiful landscapes and historic towns.
Time to spend here: full day   More information

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