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Introducing Malvern

Nestled in the beautiful rolling Malvern Hills, the Victorian Spa-town of Great Malvern's steep rambling streets and tree lined avenues still retain an air of refinement from the Victorian era. More than the town itself though, it is the surrounding countryside that draws people here now. The Malvern Hills have been described as a mountain range in miniature, the eight mile ridge containing some of the oldest rocks in Britain, With a myriad of trails and 18 peaks to climb it is a walkers delight. In the Malvern Hills you can enjoy walking, horse riding, mountain biking, hang-gliding, climbing and fishing.


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Region: Central England

Time to spend here: 2 hours - half day

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What's nearby? Cotswolds

What transport do you recommend? Malvern's surrounding area is what really makes it worth visiting for which a vehicle is needed.

Did you know? The Malvern Hills inspired Edward Elgar to write 'Land of Hope and Glory'!

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What can I see in and around Malvern?

Great Malvern Priory Church

Great Malvern Priory Church was founded as a Benedictine priory in 1085. It contains some fine gothic architecture, medieval stained glass and wall tiles.
Time to spend here: 1 hour   More information

Eastnor Castle

Eastnor Castle is a fairytale Georgian Castle set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Malvern Hills. It is also surrounded by a deer park, arboretum and lake.
Time to spend here: 2 hours   More information

Worcester Cathedral

Worcester Cathedral was begun in 1084. A magnificent sight, it rises majestically above the River Severn and has been the seat of a bishopric since the Seventh Century, where it was served by monks until the Reformation.
Time to spend here: 1 hour   More information

The Commandery

The Commandery is a splendid 15th century timber-framed building, which was once the headquarters of King Charles II's army during the battle of Worcester in 1651. Today it houses the only museum on the English Civil War.
Time to spend here: 2 hours   More information

The Elgar Birthplace Museum and Visitor Centre

The Elgar Birthplace Museum gives a fascinating insight into the life and works of one of Britain's greatest composers.
Time to spend here: 1 hour   More information

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