Coach tours for individuals or families

image As a company specialising in independent travel, we are unlike any of the big coach companies that simply ferry coach loads of strangers from place to place, stopping only for a short photo or rest stop before heading onto the next place. We believe that a trip to the UK needs to be planned around you which means your transport, your timing, your itinerary all at a pace and price that suits you.

As a policy we do not lump our passengers together to maximize profits with as little work as possible. Each customer is unique as is each tour and we recognise that most people don’t want to spend their precious family time together with a group of strangers from around the world. Our tours are tailored to your needs and requirements. Most of our tours are self-drive or rail based tours but we can also cater for those who would like a driver or a mini-bus to do the driving for them.

Although most of our passengers appreciate the opportunity to travel by themselves whilst having the comfort of knowing that we are only a phone call away if they do encounter any difficulties, some passengers also appreciate the convenience of a coach tour and having everything done for them. For this reason we often include day tours in our Great British Trips itineraries. A day tour is usually on a coach or minibus and involves travelling with other passengers for that day. It allows you to see 3 or even 4 places in a single day, with a guide and without needing to think about where you are going or timings. At the end of the day you can say good bye to your fellow passengers and be alone with your fellow travellers and loved ones once again.

For us this flexibility represents the best of both worlds and it’s what makes a Great British Trips different to everyone else. It’s a private and unique tour tailored to your requirements. There are no crowded buses or annoying fellow-travellers. We don’t herd you from stop to stop and if you want to take a little longer somewhere or miss something out altogether, you are free to do so. We incorporate the advantages of coach tours through the inclusion of day tours and we don’t include any of the disadvantages.

Coach tours for Groups

If you are booking a tour with us for a small or large group then we will of course use the most suitable transport for the group size. Our Mini-buses and Coaches are always of the highest luxury, clean and comfortable with excellent and knowledgeable drivers. The route and timings are planned around you and your group so that there is as much time at location as you would like. There is so much to pack in that sometimes timing can be a little tight but we will warn you in advance and allow you to decide the pace of your own tour.