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image We know that sometimes you want the best of both worlds, and we're able to meet the challenge.

You don’t really like the idea of driving in big cities full of traffic, or driving for hours as you travel between your chosen destinations, but actually in the countryside and through smaller towns and villages and where the distances are shorter, you would actually quite like the flexibility of having a car. This is no problem for Great British Trips. 

For example, you might arrive in London and spend a few days here. (We don’t recommend hiring a car in London, as driving can be stressful and the public transport system is so fast and easy to use). Then you might take a train over a longer distance to York, Cardiff, Manchester or Edinburgh which will be more relaxing and save you time. For example to drive from London to York might take you 4 hours in the car, but only 2 hours on the train. Similarly, driving from London to Edinburgh would be an exhausting 8 or 9 hours, but only 5 on the train. As well as a time saving there’s also a fuel saving too. Remember you’ll have to pay to refill your car! We could then hire a car for you from your chosen destination so that you can explore the local area for a few days. Then when it’s time to make that longer journey again, you can get back on the train. 

The beauty of booking with Great British Trips is that you can book all the components of a great holiday in one place, whilst also giving you a personal service, as our travel consultants can discuss your itinerary needs with you through email or over the phone until we get your ideal itinerary. 

And it doesn’t stop with your booking – At Great British Trips, we’re with you all the way to the end of your holiday. We hope that our travel pack will give you most of the help you need, but we know that sometimes things can go wrong, so once you start your trip, if you have a problem or you’re just not sure about something, just give us a call and as our valued customer we’ll be very pleased to help you.