Who are we?

image Great British Trips is a small family run company that was founded in 2010 by a British couple called Andy and Ruth Lancey. With a genuine love for travel and an even greater love for Britain, early in their marriage the couple travelled the globe, visiting 6 continents and speaking to all the people they possibly could, and one thing became abundantly clear; planning a tour of the United Kingdom on your own can be really hard!

The people they spoke to, some of whom had visited the UK and some who had not, all said that unless you wanted to get stuck on a coach tour (which let’s face it, lots of us don’t!) then doing the research, figuring out where to go, how to get there, which companies to use, where to stay, who has the best deals on, checking out the endless reviews and reliability of every single element and then actually making the bookings was an exhausting, costly and time consuming process! They said they wanted to see Britain, real Britain; discover the hidden gems, get lost in the stunning scenery, drink tea in quaint tea houses, eat lunch and drink local ale in a cosy country pub, look out from a castle turret, drop a postcard into an old red post box, stand in the shadow of a breath-taking cathedral and take a refreshing drink from an ancient well. 

At the same time, our directors were going from country to country and having to do all the planning themselves. They realised that finding out where to go, how to get there and which companies to use for the best deals is simply exhausting! They began to think if only there was a single website with all the information about every place worth visiting. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they could just click on a place, add in a couple of activities and someone else did all the research and hard work for them! The ‘Great British Trips’ concept was born. 

On returning to the UK Andy and Ruth set about utilising their personal experience and professional backgrounds in logistics management, marketing and website design to create and launch Great British Trips. Originally intended to be just the two of them, it quickly became clear that people loved the concept and some help was needed! They recruited a couple of incredible staff to work alongside them and together set about on the mammoth task of researching, visiting, planning routes, and having answers at hand to every single question that we could possibly be asked. A small company with a tight trusted team has enabled Great British Trips to maintain the personal, customer-centred service that it started with.

Since then, the GBT team have been working around the clock to find every brilliant thing in Britain that you might possibly like to see and do. We’ve been squeezing suppliers for the best deals, scrutinising hotels, compiling timetables, planning routes, searching out hidden gems and doing every last thing we can possibly think of to make your vacation as fun, relaxing, smooth and as downright fantastic as it can possibly be. 

Great British Trips (legally known as Great Trips Ltd) were purchased in June 2017 by Edinburgh based Tour Operator Cashel Travel. The Great British Team are continuing to work from their Manchester based office with the same ethos and working in the same way - planning unique tailored tours just as we have always done. However, with the integration of Cashel Travel, Great British Trips have been able to introduce some faster, more efficient systems for booking tours and producing information for our customers which means, we're even better!