Why choose Great British Trips?

image Travelling with a family, especially young children can be incredibly difficult. Fortunately we are here to lend a helping hand as our specialist team are experts making sure that you have everything you need to make your holiday memorable and stress free.

Great British Trips are ideally suited to offer vacation packages to families who want to visit the UK. Whether you are a couple, a family with children or planning to travel with extended family we can help you plan a holiday that runs as smoothly as possible. As experts in our field, we understand that travelling with children of all ages can at times be stressful with challenges ranging from cramped hotel rooms and entertaining kids on a long journey. For this reason we always plan our tours around you which is exactly why we ask for the children's ages at the planning stage! This way we can make sure that we select appropriate accommodation, large enough vehicles and a good mix of attractions to keep everyone excited and entertained throughout their holiday. We also offer a range of self-catering apartments throughout the country as this is often great value for money and makes travelling with families just that bit easier!

Despite our bespoke service and unique itineraries we still don't charge the earth! We have special rates with literally thousands of accommodation providers and attractions throughout the country and we know where the cost sutting solutions lie so our premium service often costs less than if you were to plan and book all of the same individual elements yourself!

What we can offer

boyAs well as a free Tour Planning and Booking Service, our local expert knowledge allows us to design the kind of tour that is ideal for you and your family. When planning a tour we always imagine ourselves taking the holiday and ask ourselves questions about whether we would enjoy the tour, is it too fast or slow, is there enough time to really enjoy the destinations, how are the travelling times etc. Our team have scoured the country, done the routes, visited the destinations and attractions so we don't need to spend hours researching timings, routes and the most ideally located hotels, we already know. We use this knowledge to put something ideal together for you and your family.

All we ask of you is that you give us some guidance as to the places you would like to visit through the Where to go section of our website, add any places of interest to your itinerary and we do the rest. We will come back to you in a few days time with a complete itinerary and a package price which you are under no obligation to accept. We can tweak and change the itinerary as much as you like until you're happy and then, if you decide to go ahead we make all the arrangments for you!

Special requirements

Where we differ from other Tour Operators is our ability to cope with your special requirements. Whether it's a physical disability, a young child or simply that you would like a big bath in all of your hotel rooms, we can make it happen. If you have special requirements that add a challenging dimension to consider when travelling, please speak to us. Our understanding team will do their very best to make sure that all of your requirements are considered and catered for.

Start planning my holiday

If you have read enough and would like to see what we can create for you, it's time for the fun bit! We feature over 60 UK destinations plus Ireland if you want to include that coumtry in your tour as well. Have a look at the destinations on offer, add any 'must see' attractions that take your fancy as well as destinations and ask us to plan your tour!