What can Great British Trips do for you?

image At Great British Trips we plan and book personalised holidays to Great Britain for visitors from around the globe.

Who is it for?

Quite simply, everyone. We specialise in creating tours and holidays for Families, Independent Travellers, Small Groups, Special Interest Groups, School Groups and just about anyone else who comes to us. We work directly with the travellers and with agents around the globe. 

What can we do?

We have a small team of brilliant people who know the UK inside and out. If you, or a group you're planning for want to visit the UK but don't want to join a large group on a coach with a set-in-stone itinerary, then Great British Trips is for you. We will create a completely unique, tailored tour that suits your every need, down to the finest detail. Whether you have a wish list, a theme or a very specific list of places you want to visit, we can create something perfect, on or off the beaten track. 

What does it cost?

Not nearly as much as you might think. In fact, thanks to the relationships we've built with thousands of suppliers we can usually secure better rates than you will be able to find online yourself. The result is a bespoke tour just the way you want to travel, for little more (and often less) than it would cost you to book all the individual elements yourself. Plus, you will be guided by our legendary information packs and destination guides and have the back up of knowing that someone local is on the other end of the phone if you run into difficulties. For more information on pricing click here

What services do you offer?

Our tours can include every element from the moment you arrive in the UK to the moment you leave, it's totally up to you. We can provide accommodation, transfers, car-hire, rail passes, coach tickets, ferry tickets, London Underground passes, attractions tickets and passes, events and show tickets, meals, guides, guided day trips, Guides, Tour Leaders, translators and much more. Some visitors like to have step-by-step itineraries with every attraction, restaurant, hotel etc planned out and pre-booked while others prefer a more flexible approach with a few options or just some elements included.

We have arranged tours that last a single day and tours that last three months. We've arranged 5* Luxurious tours for VIP guests and 3* budget tours for backpackers. We really do have the flexibility to work around your requirerements, your dates and your budget. With Great British Trips, anything is possible.

Is it just the UK?

No. Great Irish Trips is the sister company of Great British Trips. Our website's are interchangable and you can add elements from both countries and we will arrange them into a single tour. Our customers also ask us about Paris, France and other European destinations. We do have a French Team Member and frequently include Paris and other French destinations in our Great British Trips when it's requested. We have also planned tours for customers who enjoyed their Great British Trip so much that they asked us to do the same for other Euopean destinations. We are happy to do this though we don't profess to have the same level of knowledge and expertise as we do for Britain and Ireland. 

Getting started

The first step is let us know what you need. Once we have some information to work with our team set about creating an initial itinerary plan and price. This is completely free and no obligation. It's a great way to get a feel for what we can do and what you can do! 

If you already know exactly what you want, you can of course simply drop us an email with the details and we can begin the initial itinerary. 

However, most customers have little more than a vague idea at this stage and this is where our website comes into its own. The 'Where to Go' page contains various filters that will allow you to quickly and easily search for destination information, attractions, day tours and events. You can add any of these elements to your itinerary at any time with the click of a button. 

Once you're happy that your itinerary list contains most of the things and places that you would love to see and visit, you can send this through to us by completing the rest of the form. We just need some other basic info such as how many passengers, what kind of transport you might like and some initial dates to work from. Once we have that, our team will take a couple of days to create something special for you and email it back. 

Can I change your itinerary?

Of course! Our initial itinerary is just a starting point. From here you're welcome to suggest changes, add things in and take things out. Our team will make recommendations and work with you until you're happy and we're sure that all the timings and routes work out. If you're happy to go for it and want to book, we just need an initial deposit from you. We will then make all the reservations, get everything ordered and sorted out ready for the holiday. 

How does the holiday work?

The vast majority of our tours are what we call 'self-guided'. We prepare a detailed travel pack that you will be sent electronically in advance and a hard copy will be waiting for you upon arrival to the UK. The pack contains everything you need. Vouchers, accommodation information, passes and tickets, a detailed itinerary, general information about the UK and detailed destination guides for each place you travel to. The holiday is then yours to enjoy! If there's an issue or you need help we are just a phonecall away. 

A tailor-made holiday, just the way you want it without the tailor-made price tag.