image Weíre often asked what we charge for a Great British Trip. After all, itís a premium service with each tour individually tailored and crafted for the direct requirements of our customers. Thatís a premium service that must carry a premium price tag right?

Surprisingly, a Great British Trip probably wonít actually cost you nearly as much as you think!

How our pricing works

After submitting a tour itinerary request to our small team, we get right on with planning your individual tour. There are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions here and we won’t try to palm you off with places you don’t want to see and shabby hotels that we can get cheap. We have planned literally thousands of unique tours for individuals and small groups just like you. Next, we send your free, detailed itinerary to you by email complete with a price for the total package. We have to do this as the prices we receive from suppliers are usually based upon us including it in a package and not disclosing individual prices. We don’t include flights or visa’s but there are plenty of websites prepared to offer you the best prices, we recommend Skyscanner. In the itinerary we tell you exactly what we’ve included, hotels, room types, which attractions, what transport etc. If you have the energy you can now price it all up yourself and compare to our package price. You won’t find a like for like tour with any other company so you can’t compare with them. If you do a price comparison, what we hope you will find is that the price we have given you is actually LESS (if not very similar) to the price you would pay by booking everything yourself.

What if it costs more than booking it myself?

Our aim is to make all tours cheaper than booking them yourself, even if you're using cheap wholesale comparison websites, but we're not quite there yet. Sometimes we are a little more expensive, though you may not be comparing exactly like for like. (a hire car for the same dates may have a lesser type of insurance included for example). However, for the little bit extra you pay to book with Great British Trips you also receive:

  • A complete booking service. No need to spend hours sorting it out yourself.

  • A full information pack containing details of everything you need including maps, hotel information, a detailed itinerary explaining where to go and what to do, train times etc etc.

  • A detailed destination guide for every area of the country you are visiting. This includes suggestions on where to eat, what to do and even useful things like local taxi numbers!

  • Peace of mind, if something does go wrong while you’re in Britain isn’t it great to know that there is a local person on the other end of the phone just waiting to help and sort things out? We provide an out of hours emergency number, just in case you need it!

  • A dedicated local expert, as a small team you will work not be a number in a call centre but a name assigned to a single tour planner. That person will be available for you by phone or email and will know your tour so you don’t need to worry.

How can you provide this service for less than the cost of booking it myself?

It’s quite simple really. We have worked incredibly hard to create a database of suppliers alongside a completely unique, tailored, bespoke quoting system that allows us to create your tour quickly and accurately. No one else in the world has anything quite like it and we are extremely proud of the way it works for us! We have deals and contracts with attractions, accommodation providers, wholesalers and suppliers across the country which allows us to get the best possible prices for your tour. On top of this we place a small commission charge and pass the final price onto you. Often the discounts that we receive are greater than the commission we place on top, meaning that ultimately you pay less by booking through us than you would have done booking direct. We aren’t tied in to any particular chains or suppliers (although we do promote the ones that customers give us best feedback for!) so we can choose the suppliers most suitable for your needs.

Is there a catch?

No not at all! When we started Great British Trips we simply wanted people to enjoy Great Britain, the way it should be with maximum flexibility on a tour. There are no hidden extras, all fees and taxes are already included. We probably don’t make as much money as other tour operators with a more ‘standard’ business model and we are certain that we could make much more by running coach trips, but that’s not why we’re here! We have been planning tours for holiday makers from across the globe for 5 years and cannot remember a customer saying they would not recommend Great British Trips; now that’s a track record we are proud of!