Rail travel in the UK

image Rail travel is a fantastic way to get around the UK quickly and comfortably. Most UK towns have a train station and rail passes are available to help overseas visitors travel freely and avoid having to book costly tickets in advance. Train is the preferred way to travel the country for many UK residents due to its speed, convenience and comfort.

Our excellent rail network covers the vast majority of the UK and the trains are of a very high standard to your journey should be comfortable and relaxing. You can choose from 1st class or standard class travel. Many of our first class trains not only include extra large seating, tables, plug sockets and free Wi-Fi but many include a full delicious meal service. Just choose the destinations you would like to visit, and how long you would like to take, and we’ll put together a Great British Trip just for you.

We’ll arrange accommodation in each place, and we’ll happily suggest how long to spend in each destination, so that you can make the best of your time. With accommodation close to train stations in each town you’ll visit, we will ensure carrying luggage around is kept to a minimum. If you don't fancy the walk, all stations have taxi ranks right outside and all of our taxis are licensed and legal so you don't need to worry about being over-charged or unsafe. Whilst we will pre-book your accommodation for each night of your trip, there is flexibility on when in the day you will travel. You are not restricted to taking a specific train at a certain time, so if you’ve not quite finished seeing all that you wanted in a place, then just take a later train. This flexible approach to train times does mean however that seats have not been reserved for you on specific trains but travelling outside of morning and evening rush hour should ensure that you find a suitable seat fairly easily.

We’ll also provide you with attractions tickets and passes so that you don’t have to spend time queuing or searching for things to do. On top of all this you will also receive our Great British Trips Travel pack containing information on all the destinations you’ll visit including destination maps, eating out information and more. As you would expect, you’ll also receive a full itinerary with all your accommodation information for the tour as well a train timetables for the journey's you will be making.