Why choose Great British Trips for your Self-Drive tour in the UK?

image Great British Trips offer Self-Drive holiday packages which are ideally suited to all your needs. Whether you're looking for back-roads touring, city hopping or simply want to discover Britain's most beautiful and scenic routes, our small team of specialists will create the ideal itinerary for all your needs.

Despite our specialised service, we don't charge the prices of most other tailor made tour companies. We negotiate excellent rates with all our supppliers - particularly car hire companies and accommodation providers and these rates are passed on to you along with a small mark-up so you often end up paying less for a tailored holiday designed by a local expert than if you were to trawl the internet yourself, doing all the research and seeking out the cheapest deals!

We have excellent relationships with thousands of trusted suppliers and a self-drive holiday is one of the most fun for us to create as we can choose the most interesting, unique and downright beautiful accommodation - most of which is so far off the beaten track that it's only accessible with a car.

What we can offer

boyAs well as a free Tour Planning and Booking Service, our unique knowledge and extensive database allow us to plan the kind of tour that we would love to take. We always include as many of the things that you have asked for as possible and our tours usually include incredible locations such as quaint English pubs, overnight stays in manor houses or castles and discovering the hidden ruins of an ancient abbey - abandoned centuries ago you can still hear the eery echoes of the ancient monks.

Our tours include a complete information pack with maps, directions and if needed a GPS as well as complete destination guides and any other information that could possibly be useful for you.

The vehicles we hire on your behalf are always new, in perfect condition, the size that you require and have an automatic or manual tranmission (depending on what you ask for!). They include all the insurance that you require (though you may choose to take out additional insurances when collecting the car - this is not necessary). We can also hire special vehicles such as classic Morgan cars for a real British experience.

All we ask to plan your tour is an idea of the places you would like to visit or the type of tour that you wish to take and we do the rest of the work for you.

Start planning my holiday

If you have read enough and would like to see what we can create for you, it's time for the fun bit! We feature over 80 UK and Ireland destinations (You can easily take your car over on the ferry). Have a look at the destinations on offer, add any 'must see' attractions that take your fancy as well as destinations and ask us to plan your tour!