What is a Self-Guided Tour with Great British Trips?

image At Great British Trips, we provide so much more than a simple booking service. A Great British Trip is a complete service with every bit of research and every booking and reservation completed for you. When you book your Great British Trip, you donít have to worry about a thing. You really can sit back and wait for your dream holiday to arrive. On a Self-Guided tour you won't be with a travelling with other people and you won't have a Guide taking you around. You're in charge which means that you can go at your pace, change your itinerary if you wish and take the holiday that you want to take.

What's special about Great British Trips?

You probably have lots of questions about how a self-guided tour works and why should you travel with Great British Trips anyway?. The most common questions we're asked are: 

After I receive my itinerary and quotation, why should I book with you instead of arranging the elements myself? 


How will I know where to go and what to do? 

and the answer to both of these questions are the same – it’s all about the Great British Trips Information Pack!

All of our customers receive not just a personal advisor who will serve as a point of contact for you throughout the entire process but a very special personalised and individually tailored Information Pack. Before your trip you will be emailed a PDF version of your pack and on arrival in the UK a hard copy will be waiting for you at the airport or your first hotel. So what’s in your pack?

Your Great British Trips Information Pack

Your Itinerary and UK Information

sample guideYour pack will contain a detailed step by step copy of your itinerary. With no detail left out it has complete timings, addresses, personalised maps, train timetables, addresses and anything else that you could possibly need! This means that for example when you arrive at a train station your itinerary will tell you exactly what happens next (ie. walking route, directions and timing to your accommodation, taxi or local transport information or if you’re being collected; when and where you will be picked up from). Before your trip you don’t need to worry about any of those details. If you might need to know it, your pack will tell you! There is also a lot of general information about the UK including helpful telephone numbers and answers to just about any questions you might have!

Hotel Information and Vouchers

For every new accommodation, your pack will contain a voucher to hand in when you check-in. It contains all the basic booking information (dates, nights, references, exactly what’s been booked and instructions to contact us if there are any problems). You will also have an information sheet about the accommodation itself which includes directions, maps, facilities and a brief description. Your pack will also contain any vouchers to attractions that you’ve booked through us and of course all your transport vouchers or tickets.

Destination Guides

One of the most useful elements of your Information Pack are the Destination Guides. For every place in the UK that you plan to visit we include a complete destination guide. These guides include a brief history, maps, completely unbiased details of all local attractions (categorised from ‘must do essential activities’ to ‘spare time’ activities), details of the top rated restaurants in the area, transport information and even details of the local hospitals and police stations. Everything you could possibly need! See Sample Guide