Helping you plan a smooth and unforgettable educational tour

image We know there is nothing more helpful to your students than to witness first hand and see with their own eyes the very concepts youíre trying to teach them in school. Imagine taking your drama class on a tour around the real Shakespearian Globe Theatre or your history class for sunrise over the prehistoric Stonehenge. Think of your students' reaction as they explore real dungeons, historic castles, ancient monasteries, breathtaking cathedrals, world famous museums, prehistoric monuments, mysterious stone circles, medieval galleons and quaint English towns.

Here at Great British Trips, we have a schools team who have experience working in schools and understand exactly how hard it is to plan an school trip for your class. While Britain is a dream location for students studying many subjects, often the cost and details of planning the trip simply makes it impossible. Whether you're a British school or an overseas school coming to Britain, we know that often 'red tape', concerns over safety, insurance, language etc. makes planning a trip an overwhelming task. And thatís where our experienced experts come into their own. We will answer your questions, look after special requests, meet particular requirements and be flexible enough to work with you on those inevitable last minute changes!

Where to go?

You can take a look through our itinerary suggestions for ideas or simply look through our profile destinations and attractions pages, choose your locations and complete the 'My Itinerary' form. We arrange everything for you from the moment you arrive in Great Britain; transport, tours, accommodation, meals, guides and anything else you can think of.

Our quote will be on a price per pupil basis and includes all you need in the UK. All the companies we use meet our extremely high standards of health and safety so you can be assured that all will go smoothly. Unlike most schools group tour companies, we don't use 2* hotels or hostels that are not up to our standard. We have worked hard to make contacts at hotels offering similar rates but at a far higher standard. The tours are all fully tailored to your requirements. We will go where you want to go, when you want to go there, all you have to do is tell us what you want.

Destination suggestions

History Tours

If thereís one subject thing that stands out above all others, itís history. The UK is simply jammed with it. Every era is covered from the Jurassic period through the stone age, bronze age and right up to the modern day. You are guaranteed that your students will fall in love with history like never before.

London: Most of London's greatest historic moments have taken place in the last 1000 years but itís a wonderful place to start. Palaces, dungeons, museums and galleries abound, itís choosing what to do here that will be the hardest part.

Salisbury: Salisbury is the starting point for visiting Britainís most famous and mysterious monument Stonehenge. The much larger Avebury circle is also nearby and the Old Sarum Roman fort can also be visited from here.

Portsmouth: Portsmouth stands out for its Naval history. In the historic dockyard you can jump aboard Lord Nelsonís HMS Victory from the battle of Trafalgar. The haunting wreck of the recovered Mary Rose can also be explored here.

Winchester: Near to Portsmouth, Winchester was once the capital of England and as such teems with history. The cathedral here is phenomenal and worth a visit of anyoneís time.

Bath: The beautiful and ancient city of Bath is a pure delight. Itís easy to spend the day simply wandering around and admiring the stunning buildings, forgetting the ancient Roman Baths youíre probably there to see!

Oxford: Oxford (or Cambridge!) has to be a stop on the tour. These historic university cities are simply wonderful and have to be explored.

Arts and Culture Tours

Whether your class is into painting, photography, sculpture, music or other performing arts, Britain is an incredible place for a class trip. See below just a few of our suggestions to add to a perfect educational and inspirational itinerary.

Stratford Upon Avon: Home of William Shakespeare your students can see where he grew up, wrote, lived and ended his days as well as watching one of the daily performances of his work.

Central London: World class museums and galleries and the West End Shows await your art students in London. Enough said!

Liverpool: Liverpool houses many museums including the modern Tate Liverpool.. For the more musical students a visit to the Beatles story exhibition and the original Cavern nightclub where it all began may be in order.

Edinburgh: As well as beautiful architecture and some fine museums, in August the Fringe festival is the largest festival of performing arts in the world.

Glasgow: As well as a series of great museums and galleries, Glasgow has the most visited free museum in the UK outside of London.

St Ives, Cornwall : This small fishing town in the south west corner of England has been home to many of Britainís greatest artists. Today the back streets are still full of small galleries and workshops and the town also has its very own Tate Gallery.

London Study Tours

We're well aware that the Greater London region has enough to keep your students occupied and learning for the duration of their trip. Here are some suggestion of nearby locations and places worth visiting if youíre planning to stay in 1 place.

Central London: You could spend 2 weeks in London and still not really see it all. A fantastic and cosmopolitan capital, itís everything your students will expect and more.

Greenwich : A day trip to Greenwich is in order from central London. As well as the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum, Greenwich is home to the Cutty Sark; the last surviving magnificent tea clipper.

Canterbury: Close to London, Canterbury is the home of our most well known cathedral and the head of the Anglican Church. From here you can explore some of itís rich historical sites or take a punt down the river.

Windsor : Official residence of HM Queen Elizabeth II, Windsor castle is the largest residential castle in Europe. A tour of the castle will no doubt leave your female students dreaming of bumping into a handsome young heir to the estateÖ

Oxford: Oxford (or Cambridge!) has to be a stop on the tour. These historic university cities are simply wonderful and have to be explored.

Sports and Adventure Tours

For a truly adventure sports experience in Britain, why not bring your pupils on a tour that will challenge, stretch and inspire them to work longer and harder than ever before?

Manchester : Stop off at the worldís most famous football ground Ė Old Trafford, home to Manchester United FC. The tour of the stadium is well worth a visit if only for the vast amounts of trophies housed in the trophy room!

Snowdonia :
: Snowdonia is the place for a range of water sports. This is also the site of our first suggested mountain climb. Snowdon is the highest peak in Wales, a popular climb that can be done in a few hours if youíre fit enough.

Lake District : The Lake District is a stunning region of mountains and lakes. Here there are tonnes of adventure sports activities to be done from caving to another strenuous mountain climb up Englandís highest peak, Scafell Pike.

Fort William : Fort William is the nearest town to our final and highest mountain climb up Scotlandís highest peak, Ben Nevis. From here the views are spectacular and in the colder months you can ski as well as hike.

Glasgow : The Scottish city of Glasgow is home to 2 top football teams as well as being a popular site for Ice Hockey. Why not catch a game and have a tour of the Scottish Football museum?

Premiership Football Game : Premiership football is played almost daily from August Ė Early May. Why not take your sports students to a real life game in the worldís top soccer league?

Rugby Game : Rugby is not for boys. Rugby is played across the UK on weekends and is well worth a visit if you would like to see a real mans game. See our events pages to book tickets.

Cricket game : Quintessentially English, cricket is British through and through. Played through the summer across England, we can arrange for your students to see a 1 day cricket match as part of their experience.