What should I make sure I have in my suitcase?

image What to bring to the UK is an interesting question! Of course anything you do forget will be easily gettable here in the UK however, there are a few things you may not have thought of so we’re here to help you out!


Whenever you come to the UK, be sure to bring some warm clothes. Though we have been known to have a few hot days, we have to admit that the weather here is somewhat unpredictable and it’s advisable to make sure you have at least a few warm clothes, a waterproof jacket and an umbrella in your bag, even if you are coming at the height of summer!


If you’re touring around a fair bit and spending time on coaches and trains, as much fun as it is to look out of the windows there’s only so many green fields you can take in a day! It’s advisable to bring some gadgets, games or books to keep you entertained. MP3 players, small games consoles and Kindle's are ideal for this sort of thing.

Cell Phone

Using a foreign mobile or cell phone when abroad can be a costly business, particularly if you need to make a few calls (phone home or even call for a taxi!) and SMS. In our holiday pack we include a UK sim card which, when inserted into an old mobile or cell phone will cost you dramatically less. It also means if people call you you’re not the one footing the bill.

A money belt and secure bag

In most of the UK, it’s very safe and you can wander round without giving much thought at all to security. There are however a few situations where it’s always wise to take precautions such as a bustling London Underground or a busy city centre shopping mall. Be aware of how much cash you’re carrying around and always keep a credit card for emergencies in the hotel safe!

UK 3 pin adapter

So easily forgotten but a UK 3 pin adapter (nb. it’s different to the European plug!) is a must. It can be bought here of course but it’s much cheaper (and more convenient) to bring it along in the first place. We recommend you actually bring a few of these along as the precious hotel hours are limited and you might find that you have multiple devices and items to charge and run at the same time! 


Once in a lifetime memories with no camera? Of course not. Whether you're into photography or not it's a great idea to bring something along to snap away at all the wonderful landmarks and people you meet - if only to ensure you have something to make people jealous with! Remember to either also bring along plenty of spare memory cards or a way to upload your items so that you don't find yourself having to delete along the way.