A trip of firsts for a Singaporean Group

Baharudin planned a family visit to the UK with us during 2013. The group travelled right across the UK and the itinerary included a Premiership Football game and a trip to Paris. They travelled over the Christmas period from Singapore and sent us this fabulous report from their trip.

Driver There were many 'firsts' in our recent trip to UK plus Paris last December. It was the first time we managed to get almost all the family members to go on a trip together (less only 5 people) and having 36 people with ages ranging from 10 to 89 years old, was a real challenge, so we thought. Not only that, it was also the first time for most of us to be going to a place far away from home, beyond the equator and beyond the eastern part of the world. Lastly, it was the first time that these same people experience winter season in the bitter cold weather. This was also why some other people were a little sceptical about us going on this trip.

Fortunately indeed all the worries (and fear) in handling the 'firsts', were merely unfounded, mainly because of Great British Trips. Thanks to Andrew and his team, I must say, had everything well-arranged and booked; starting from the transfer, the hotels right to the walking tours and guides that really made the trip smooth, fun and enjoyable. Mr Andrew Lancey especially, who had been wonderful; nice and patient in planning the itinerary with me, albeit all changes, the withdrawals, additions, etc. He had been honest and straightforward right from our first contact to the last day of the trip that made it easier for me to make all the informed decisions.
The moment we were picked up by our driver, we quickly established a mutual understanding about the whole programme, especially on the timing (which was really easy with the driver we had). It was also easy to get the group adhere to our agreement as Andrew had provided us with a detailed information booklet for all families regarding the itinerary, programme, places to visit and most importantly, the timing. In short, timing was not a problem during our trip, but time was. How we wished that we had more time at some places!

It's a bit difficult to comment on each and every detail, but for the sake of future travellers we hope what we penned in, from our thoughts and opinions, would be helpful. Firstly, the coach and its driver, what can we say? An experienced driver and a safe one too! We got along very well, always on time (and earlier at times which was to our benefit of course) and very accommodating as well. All the hotels booked for the trip had been nice and comfortable, true to the category we selected - Comfort, with good location of having the essential amenities on-site or nearby. They were all clean and well-managed with friendly and helpful staff as well (and smooth check-in & check-out every time).

liverpoolThe walking tours were splendid, which were done by very knowledgeable and informative guides, although all the walking was quite challenging for our senior folks as already pointed out by Andrew during our planning. The stadium tours excited a lot of us as most of us in Singapore follow the English Premier League very much and tickets that Andrew got for us for the Manchester United game were really awesome; the view, the location, not to mention the light refreshment before, at half-time and after the game. Watching the football match was appealing indeed to all EPL worshippers and I have already had enquiries about it. Our time in Liverpool was a really short one as we had to head to Edinburgh on the same day. With about 90 minutes for the Anfield tour plus the gift shop and 2 hours around Albert Dock area, we only had a small glimpse of the city centre. However, half the group were lucky enough to hop on the city bus tour to have a little more than a small glimpse.

In summary, the general feedback from all the people in the group that, the trip was well-planned and the plan was very well-executed with all the good advice and able assistance from Great British Trips which made it a pleasant, enjoyable and successful trip ever with great lasting memories.

Finally, the first may not be the last.

Thank you Andrew and the team and thank you Great British Trips!

Cheers from


By Baharudin & Rosidah and family<br /> Said & Patimah<br /> Abdullah & Saidah and family<br /> Ashri & Nur

Date: 2017-11-10 13:05:45