A Great British Tradition - Blackpool Illuminations

Now, as you can imagine everyone in the Great British Trips office has their favourite (and least favourite) parts of the UK. For me a place that falls in my least is Blackpool, don't get me wrong, it is a great town I just prefer being out in the hills with my walking boots on! However, there is one time of the year that I do love to visit...

BlackpoolFor six weeks of every year (since 1879) the skyline of the Victorian seaside town is lit up by the famous Blackpool illuminations. It was always a childhood tradition for us to jump in the car on a cold autumnal night and make the journey to see the dazzling lights (and always finish the night off with a traditional fish & chips!). For the first time in over a decade (maybe even 2) this year I re-visited Blackpool to see them.
BlackpoolThe experience was almost identical to those trips. It was definitely cold and autumnal, I was in the car (although this time in the front seat) and the lights were still out in abundance. The illuminations are spread out over 6 miles long and use over one million bulbs - it is still an awesome spectacle. Although I probably wasn't quite as enthusiastic about the lights as I was as a ten year old, it was great Blackpoolto be back and great to see the tradition being upheld. The night ended in the truly traditional way by stopping off for the traditional fish and chips before heading home.


By Kim Hardiker

Date: 2017-11-28 13:12:55