Saturday Afternoon Cheshire Cream Tea

We recently had one of those autumn weekends which was deliciously cold, clear and dry (a personal favourite type of weather!).

BlackpoolIn true English fashion a friend and I decided not to waste such a day at this time of year and headed out to Dunham Massey in Cheshire. Set in a 121-hectare deer park, the Dunham Massey estate has some of the best year-round gardens in the UK, as well as Britain's largest and finest winter garden. We started off by having a walk around the gardens; it is rutting season for the deer that live there so we were and it was lovely to be able to wander around having the deer roaming free.

BlackpoolNext it was a quick stop around the gift shop where looking at all the Christmas decorations it was difficult not to get excited about the coming season and festivities. To finish the day we headed into the cafe where they serve a delightful cream tea - a perfect way to finish off the day.

Unfortunately there wasn't time to visit the magnificent 18th century Georgian mansion which tells the story of the owners and servants who once lived here. There are over 30 rooms open to the public, including the library, laundry, kitchen and stables. There are also fantastic collections of historic artefacts to cast your eye over, such as furniture, paintings and silverware. I will just have to force myself to go back again in a couple of weeks to visit it!


By Kim Hardiker

Date: 2017-11-28 13:12:56