Britain: the best place to spend Christmas in the world?

With Christmas just around the corner, have you considered how you might celebrate the festive season this year? A huge family get-together? An all-singing all-dancing season of merriment and madness? For many this kind of Christmas sounds just perfect and just what the doctor ordered. For others, perhaps you're longing for something quieter, something romantic, something magical. If the idea of the looming Christmas season is bringing a sense of dread, then why not consider spending it on a Great British Trip in what we believe to be the greatest place to spend Christmas in the world?

Still not convinced? Here are some incredible reasons why Britain is a must-do location for an unforgettable Christmas.

Christmas Markets
manchester marketThe great tradition of travelling to Europe for the quaint Christmas markets has over recent years been on the decline in the UK, mainly due to the rise of our own European Christmas markets. Most UK cities and many towns are now hosting their own versions, the popularity of which is growing exponentially each year. The Manchester Christmas Markets are a great example of this. From November almost the entire city centre is now taken over with small wooden huts filled with traders from across Europe selling the beautiful, quirky, quaint, weird and wonderful products that make incredible gifts for anyone. Beautifully lit and full of suprises, a wander round the markets will make it truly feel like Christmas as you sip the gluhwein and sample the European treats to your heart's content.

Lights, lights everywhere
lightsThe shops open late, Carol Singers and brass players take up residence on every corner, display windows demand a stop and stare break, Christmas cheer abounds and the decorations seem to be literally endless. Few places in the world go crazy with the festive lights, decorations, trees and giant Father Christmas's like we do in Britain. In the build up to December the 25th, the air of excitement and expectation is quite simply impossible to avoid.

Midnight Mass
carolsFrom the commercial Christmas to real Christmas, there is nowhere in the world to celebrate Midnight Mass and the birth of Jesus like that of a large Anglican Church or Cathedral in the UK (if you're fortunate enough, Kings College Cambridge!). Angelic choirs proclaim the birth whilst trumpets sound and communion is shared. It's impossible not to be moved and transported to a place of sheer reverence as you share this ancient tradition in an enormous, stunning gothic Cathedral in England. We believe that everyone, whatever their beliefs should experience this ceremony at least once in their lifetime.

Ghost towns
LondonUnlike the sheer madness and busyness that comes with preparations for Christmas Day, December 25th itself turns Britain, for one day each year into that of a ghost town. All shops and businesses close and busy city streets lay silent and abandoned. For any visitor to Britain who wants to see a city in all its glory, you can't do better than December 25th. A guided walking tour of London will allow you to see the beauty of the city without the busy crowds, empty and quiet apart from the church bells of Westminster Abbey and St Paul's declaring the day of the Lord's birth. A tour of the city on Christmas day is an absolutely unique and unforgettable experience - if you get the chance this is something you simply must do.

Empty Attractions
HengeApart from Christmas Day when everything closes, most visitor attractions will remain open during the festive season although there are few visitors to clog the place up. It's a great opportunity to see some wonderful sights without the queues and waiting times that can be associated with many of our top attractions.

Magical weather
WeatherThere is no guarantee of snow at Christmas these days, but it's not uncommon to experience some during the festive season and if you happen to travel to the mountain regions such as the Lake District or Scotland it's virtually a given. With or without snow, the chances are that your tour will involve some atmospheric low laying fog to create some unforgettable images and some cold, crystal clear days with blue skies by day and a milky way filled heaven overnight. As long as you wrap up warm, there's no reason at all for the weather to do anything other than add to the whole experience.

pantoThere's no tradition in the world quite akin to the great British panto. A cliche packed theatre performance will make you smile as the performers retell a classic children's story through song, dance, acting and plenty of silliness. Love them or hate them, the panto is something that everyone should experience at least once.

New Year or Hogmanay
newyearTo round off the festive season, Edinburgh has always been at the centre of the world's New Year Celebrations. Hogmanay is a street party like no other, with all of the Royal Mile which leads up to the Castle itself turned into a huge New Year Party; tickets for Edinburgh at New Year are well sought after. However, if Hogmanay sounds a little bit too daunting, since the turn of the millennium London has put on an increasingly spectacular show to celebrate New Year in style. The London Eye big wheel forms the central platform from which giant fireworks and laser show lights up the massive city of London. So why not spend the start of 2015 stood on the banks of the Thames listening to Big Ben chime in the New Year, watching one of the world's most spectacular firework displays light up an iconic London night sky as you join the nations of the world in a verse of Auld Lang Sine?

To arrange the perfect Christmas break in Great Britain don't hesitate to get in contact with Great British Trips. Let us know what you would like to see, where you would like to go and from Hogmanay tickets to a spectacular Christmas dinner - let us organise it all for you. Send an email to with the subject line 'Christmas Dream' and let our Christmas Dream team work out the rest for you. What are you waiting for?


By Ruth Lancey

Date: 2017-11-28 13:13:18