Britain's top 10 new attractions for 2015

Every year Britain's list of incredible attractions grows with more and more unique, exciting, breath-taking and down-right fun attractions and 2015 is no exception. We have compiled our top 10 list of the new permanent attractions we are most excited about visiting ourselves and sending and guests to. From world class animal enclosures to death-defying zip wires to vintage fun fairs; if you haven't already made up your mind about visiting Britain this year, this list is sure to make up your mind for you.

Chester Zoo - The Islands

Britain's biggest zoo just took it to a whole new level. The zoo have spent £40 million developing a Britain's largest zoo project in history; a huge unique section of the zoo which takes the form of a re-creation of 6 tropical environments based upon South East Asia Islands. Designed to feel like a real life journey through the island environments, the various sections include a journey through a bamboo forest (complete with Sumatran Tigers!), a dragon bridge to connect islands and a river boat ride from Sumbra. The Islands will open in July 2015 and provide a fascinating experience for every budding wildlife explorer. This attraction is one that we simply cannot wait to visit ourselves!

Star Wars at Madame Tussauds

Pretty much a national institution, London's Madame Tussaud's well-loved waxwork museum has given fans from around the globe another reason to visit. A brand new Star Wars exhibit is now open which recreates 16 of the best loved Star Wars heroes and villains set in authentic iconic scenes from the movie franchise. This immersive experience is an absolute must for all Star Wars fans making the Madame Tussauds entrance fee worthy of this exhibit alone.

Warwick Castle's Time Tower

Warwick Castle has long been established as one of Britain's most visited attractions with the historic castle beautifully preserved and plenty of medieval activities and displays to tell the story of it's vital role in Britain's history. New for 2015, the Time Tower tells the story of the creation and importance of Warwick Castle through an immersive audio visual multimedia experience which effects all the senses to truly tell the story of the role the castle played in middle England for over 1000 years. The stories of old are told through characters from the castle's past as they travel through time sharing the most bloody, gruesome, shocking and surprising stories that until now have remained the untold story of Warwick Castle.

Shrek's Adventure London

Brand new and opening in July 2015, Shrek's Adventure is situated a stone's throw from the London eye. It's a unique walk and ride attraction which has been created for the whole family. The attraction begins with a 4d bus ride through Far Far Away where Donkey is your guide on this hilarious adventure. Next there are 10 live fairy tale themed shows that allow visitors to interact and be a part of their own Shrek adventure story. You can visit Shrek's swamp, get lost in the mirror maze and even find your own inner ogre. A unique attraction and loads of fun, this is sure to be a great one for families to enjoy during a trip to London.

Dreamland Margate

Dreamland Margate was once one of Britain's oldest and best loved amusement parks which was amongst the top 10 most visited attractions in the UK. Dating back to the early 1860's, the seaside fun park had aged, dwindled and by the 21st Century was good for little more than redevelopment land. Thanks to a campaign group to save the park, the amusement park re-opens in June 2015 and will take a totally unique seat amongst all others. Beautifully and lovingly restored, this park harks back the golden age of seaside holidays with vintage rides, recreated attractions and retro fitted amusements, classic seaside sideshows and traditional fairground games. Shedding the seaside tat, this beautiful park is sure to be a hit with young and old as guests take a thoroughly enjoyable step back in time. Kudos to Thanet District Council for their imagination and celebration of some classic British culture.

Lincoln Castle

Situated on the same site for over 1000 years, it could be tough to argue the 'new' attraction status but since 2010 Lincoln Castle has been undergoing a £22 million pound restoration project. The castle restoration project included restoring the Castle curtain wall and creation of a new 360 degree medieval wall walk around the castle's ramparts. The imposing Victorian prison has also been fully restored and a new vault to house one of the 4 original copies of the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest which includes a wide screen cinema. The castle's long, fascinating and bloody history secured its place of significance firmly in British history and makes this a wonderful visit for anyone with the vaguest interest in history.

Surf Snowdonia

In the majestic Conwy Valley of Snowdonia you will find mountains, rivers, woodlands, wildlife and all the best that British nature has to offer; that and a huge freshwater lagoon complete with a perfect surf-tastic barrel wave every minute. The brand new Surf Snowdonia wavegarden is a purpose-built inland lagoon with perfect waves, a stunning glass viewing gallery, a cafe, shops and even a soft play for mini surf-orphans. For sheer creativity (something the good folk of North Wales seem to have bags of see Bounce Below), uniqueness and fun this new surf park simply had to make our top ten!

Damien Hirst Gallery London

hirst galleryNewport Street Gallery in Lambeth, London has been under construction for over 3 years and exists to showcase Damien Hirst's personal extensive collection free of charge to the public. Exhibitions will vary between individual artists and group collections with Hirst's diverse pieces including works' by Banksy, Pablo Picasso, Gavin Turk as well as artefacts, historical objects and natural history specimens. The building will contain 6 galleries as well a shop and restaurant which has been converted from 5 warehouses.

Pier Zip at Rock reef Bournemouth

From arty to scary, Pierzip is the world's first pier to land zip wire and is situated in Bournemouth. From a huge tower at the end of the pier, this dual zip line allows riders to race one another on an exhilarating fly above the waves all the way back to the beach. This breath-taking sky ride is clearly not for the faint hearted but sounds like masses of fun to us!

National video game arcade

videogamesFor all the geeks, gamers and grown-ups who haven't quite grown up, the new National Video Game Arcade in Nottingham is the ideal day out. Boasting three floors and galleries of playable exhibits about video games, you can learn new skills, meet the experts, join in Minecraft Marathons, take command of Mission Control, and do pretty much anything else you can think of involving video games old and new.


By Ruth Lancey

Date: 2017-11-28 13:18:02