10 of Britain's top new attractions for 2016

With so many different attractions around the UK, there are a lot of reason to visit this country. But what are the new and upcoming attractions in 2016? We made you a list with the most amazing and beautiful attractions that are due to open in 2016. Even if you have seen a lot of the United Kingdom, there are always new reasons to come and enjoy what this country has to offer. With beautiful gardens, exhibitions and live performances you will never be bored.

British Airways i360
baCreated and designed by the creators of the London Eye is British Airways i360. This unique tower gives you an amazing view over Brighton and the surroundings. Being the first vertical cable car in the world, this will be an unforgettable experience. You will slowly be going up 450 feet, spinning, to enjoy a 360-degree view of the area. Down on the ground floor a new beach building is available for dinner, drinks and even celebrate events. British Airways i360 will open in the summer of 2016. More info

Re-opening of Hastings Pier
hastingsAfter the closing of the Hastings Pier in 2008, we are happy to say it is being rebuilt to open in the spring of 2016. This pier has suffered a lot of damage over the years since it first opened in 1872. It has suffered storms and fires and was so damaged that it became unsafe and had to close. Once the pier opens you can visit farmers' markets, outdoor cinema, art installations, live music events and night sky watching. In August there will be a summer circus organised on the pier which will be well worth the visit. More info

The Lost Kingdom
lostkingdomTake a unique a day out with the family at the UK's newest dinosaur attraction, The Lost Kingdom. It will take you back to a time where dinosaurs walked the earth. The Lost Kingdom is a new themed addition to Paultons Park in Hampshire. With 11 new attractions, including 2 roller coasters, this is bound to be a great day out. The Lost Kingdom is due to open in the spring of 2016. More info

Land of the Lions
lionsLand of the Lions will be the home of a group endangered Asiatic lions at the world famous London Zoo. This place will be 5 times the size of the previous home of the lions. To experience the life of the lions you can even spend the night in a luxury accommodation in the heart of the Zoo. This new enclosure will open in the spring of 2016. More info

The Magic Garden
gardenIn March 2016 a new garden will open at the Hampton Court Palace in London. Designed by Chelsea award winning landscape architect Robert Myers the garden will be placed in King Henry VIII's former Tiltyard. This is where the spectacle of the Tudor tournaments took place. With all the mythical beasts, towers, battlements and even a cave, this will show you a magical world. More info

kynrenPerformed by Eleven Arches, Kynren is an amazing night show. With a massive stage, pyrotechnics, lightning and water effects and 1000 cast and crew members, they take you back through 2000 years of British history. This is a 90 minute live show where the guest is sitting in an massive open air amphitheatre in County Durnham. This show will premiere on the 2nd of July. More info

400 year anniversary of Shakespeare
shakespeareFor the Shakespeare lovers is a whole exhibition celebrating the 400-year anniversary of Shakespeare. In Stratford-upon-Avon the exhibition shows the magic of Shakespeare on stage and reveals the secrets and stories from over 100 years of theatre making. This exhibition shows rarely seen props, beautiful costumes and the original set designs. There will also be a lot of activities and digital interactions going on during the exhibitions. A great day out for the cultural people. This exhibition opens in June 2016. More info

The Etches Collection
etchesIn the summer of 2016 a new museum will open in Kimmeridge. The Museum of Jurassic Marine Life. This will be a great visit for people who love the marine life or for the ones that just like museums. The Etches Collection consists of well-preserved fossils of different species. These species were all found over the last 30 years by Steve Etches, local to Kimmeridge. More info

Goldsmiths Art Gallery
goldsmithsAt the university of Goldsmith there will open an art gallery which will be open for public throughout the week. The gallery will host different exhibitions and projects. Besides the exhibitions and projects there are different events around the university which you can participate in. The new gallery is due to open in the autumn of 2016. More info

The Arcelor Mittal Orbit Slide
ancelorThe Arcelor Mittal Orbit is in London's Stratford and was made famous as the iconic viewing platform in the 2012 Olympic Park. From Spring 2016 the structure will feature the world's longest and tallest tunnel. During your amazing slide down you can still look at the amazing building, while travelling at 15 miles per hour. This visit was always good, but it just got a whole lot more fun. More info


By Lotje van Norren

Date: 2017-11-28 13:13:31