Top 10 My Fave Place competition entries

We recently launched a competition on Social Media, asking people to tell us about their favourite places in the UK and why. We've selected 10 of our favourite answers to share with you for inspiration and ideas on your next Great British Trip. In no particular order...

calgary beach1. My favourite place in the UK is Calgary beach on the isle of Mull in Scotland. The beach is utterly beautiful and totally unique and unspoilt. The surrounding countryside is stunning and the swimming is painfully brilliant! Had a wonderful family holiday there as a kid and again in my twenties. Go!

2. My favourite place in the UK is London of course, where else? There are so many different things to see and experience. We have only spent time there once and only for a few days before travelling throughout the UK, when we reflect on that trip our regret is not having stayed in London for at least an extra week. We loved everything that we saw and did from the London Eye to learning to travel on the tubes. Srolling along the side of the Thames in the early evening made us never want to leave, it captured our hearts.

3. Keswick is my favourite place in the UK because it is where I married my husband in the church where we first met.

durdle4. My favourite place is Durdle Door in Dorset on the Jurassic coast, it makes me feel peaceful and the kids love fossil hunting.

5. Cornwall- 3 Years ago I saw the movie "Summer in February", I knew I had to visit Cornwall and see the beautiful vistas for myself. The following year for on our 25th anniversary we were fortunate enough to take the Queen Mary II to England followed by a drive along the coastline of the UK, the scenery was everything I hoped for. The small towns were spectacular. And the B&BS helped us to feel at home. Recently we watched the British series Broadchurch. The scenery brought back beautiful those memories.

winchester6. My favourite place is St Catherine's Hill in Winchester, the scene of many family walks, chats and arguments! Great views of the local landscape, a beautiful river to walk alongside, and a great example of how reclaimed land (the old motorway!) can provide a beautiful green space.

hardraw7. Walking through Yorkshire fields, reflecting on the year since our children came to us by adoption, we were celebrating our wedding anniversary in this rolling landscape. Yes, we had come through muddy times, evidence of our journey remaining in our souls and on our faces.
Climbing the slight incline to the Green Dragon Inn we reached our destination: the highest waterfall in England, Hardraw Force. Watching the water tumbling over the precipice, dancing rainbows in the spray, we realised how small we are in such a big and beautiful world, yet as our children are to us, how infinitely precious.

london eye8. London is my all time favourite place in the UK. It has everything for everyone of any age. Theatre, Museums, Shopping of course but also quiet places where you can hear the birds sing! Walking around marveling at the history of the place is always enjoyable and then finding a place to sit in one of the many parks in the great city is a particular pleasure of mine - time away from the crowds to relax before rushing off again to see as much as I can in the time I have left of my vacation before going home.

9. The London Eye is a marvelous site and activity, my favorite. I loved viewing the city from its pod and getting different views in every direction. It's a consolidated "visit" to much of London in one stop!

lundy10. When I was seven years old my parents took me on a holiday to Lundy Island off the coast of Devon. To this day I have never forgotten the place. For seven glorious days I raced barefoot across sun-drenched beaches, splashed around in the surf and clambered over rocks with a net, looking for tiny fish and crabs. The boat trip over to the island was majestic enough. As we approached the looming cliffs I gazed up in awe, and my ears took in the cacophony of countless seabirds, all nestled in nooks and crannies on the cliff face itself, or else wheeling through the air like fabulous feathered kites. It was enchanting. I remember the smell of the salt on my skin mingling with sunscreen, and the balmy breezes tugging at my hair, and having this sense of utter tranquility and calm that I had never known before. I am now 24 and have never revisited Lundy, but even to this day it still has me under its spell.


By Ruth Lancey

Date: 2017-11-28 13:18:06