How safe is your money?

image Handing over a large sum of money to any company is a big deal, especially when we have to pay for something like a holiday in advance. We all want to know that our money is safe, that what we expect to be provided will be provided, and that if something goes wrong we will be refunded. At Great British Trips we understand this and our first priority at all times is to do business completely ethically, fairly and to serve our customers in the best way we possibly can. However, as well as a moral obligation, we also have a legal obligation to protect any money paid to us and here's how it works.

Great British Trips and Great Irish Trips are trading names under Great Trips Ltd, a Tour Operator registered in the UK and Wales. Under the UK Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 covering the package travel industry, we are required by law to provide full financial protection for all our customers in the event that Great Trips Ltd became insolvent. 

Given the current economic climate, it is understandable that there may be nervousness regarding booking a holiday in advance: however when you make a booking with Great British Trips, you can rest assured that your money and your holiday is protected and safe. We know that you put a lot of effort into choosing the right company to book your tour with and part of that decision is choosing a company who are ethical, reliable and will deliver exactly what is promised. 


UK Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 covering the package travel industry state that arrangements must be in place to protect clients' payments – that is all monies that is paid to us by our customers including non-refundable deposits. This can be done either by (a) insurance (b) bonding or (c) a trust account. There has recently been a lot of bad press surrounding both insurance and bonding – particularly with customers who believed they were protected but industry loopholes meant that this was not necessarily the case. The most secure form of financial protection is through a trust account which is the system we currently operate. Quite simply, the use of a trust account means that any monies paid to us by a customer is held in a separate protected trust account and cannot be accessed by Great British Trips until the successful conclusion of your tour. This means that if Great Trips Ltd were to get into financial trouble, your money would be released by the trustees either to provide a full refund or to pay the hoteliers and business partners on your behalf. 

Our trust account is held with Nat West Bank. As a Tour Operator we are legally bound to hold all your holiday money in this independent trust account to ensure that your payment is 100% protected. If you have any further questions or require any other details, please feel free to ask.