Magnificent Manchester Walking Tours

Arriving in Manchester after a lifetime spent in Seville was I must confess a slight shock to the system. The lack of 'siesta' was the first cultural shock to the system but after a series of fairly grey days it soon became clear that when the sun does shine - you want to make the most of it rather than sleep through it! Unfortunately my first ever trip into Manchester City centre was one of these 'grey days' however the beauty of this magnificent city and the incredible tour we were taken on instantly made us forget all about the weather.

My friend and I joined a friendly guide called Sibby outside the Manchester Tourist Information office as we joined one of the regular walking tours that are run by one of Manchester's walking tours companies The tour we joined was called the 'Strange but true' tour which showed us the sites of Manchester whilst introducing us to some weird and wonderful facts and information that we might not otherwise have known.

The centre is large but our guide showed us some of the most interesting and important sites in the city centre.

towerCity Tower: Is a 107 metres skyscraper situated at Piccadilly Gardens, the third tallest building in the city, it has the highest commercial office space in Manchester on its 28th floor, where the traders can make small and medium conferences, corporate events, training sessions, etc. In addition the tower has commercial locals and it's Manchester's main radio transmitting station.

Market StreetKing Street: One of the most important and known thoroughfares of Manchester city centre. It was formerly an industry street with buildings like Formed Banks of England, but today is best known for its luxury shops like Hermes, Emporio Armani, Polo ralph or Adolfo Dominguez.

Market Street: Is one of the principal retail a streets in Manchester and it's located near to Piccadilly Gardens. This street offers many shops, like H & M, Primark, Mango or Zara.

The Circus Tarvern: Is the smallest Pub in Europe and is named so because performers from the city's then-permanent circus used to frequent there. The Pub has a narrow corridor and a couple of small rooms and it has a capacity for 30 people maximum. It's popular in the city and it has been visited by several Manchester's footballers.

Town HallTown Hall: Is a Victorian building completed in 1877 and located in Albert Square, this edifice still works as a local administrative headquarters and its most characteristic component is the clock tower, 85 metres high. In front of the building you can find the monument in honour of the Prince Albert, one of the most beautiful in Manchester, inaugurated in 1867.

Exchange SquareExchange Square: Is a civic square in Manchester, located near to Victoria Train Station and created after the IRA 1996 Manchester bombing, from which the famous red mailbox survived. It's another important shopping area of the city and it's an entrance to the Manchester Arndale, the largest of a chain of Arndale Centres built across the UK in the 1960s and 1970s.

BunkerUnderground Bunker: It was one of the most kept secret buildings in Manchester, built in 1954 to protect the city in case there was a nuclear war. But today it is used as a telephone central.

ChethamsChetham's Library: Founded in 1653, is the oldest free public reference library in the United Kingdom and it began acquiring library in 1655 and has been adding to its collections ever since. Sometimes it organizes midday public concerts performed by pupils at the adjacent School of Music.

Hidden GemSt. Mary's Roman Catholic Church: better known as The Hidden Gem, is located in Mulberry street is the oldest catholic church in Manchester.

Manchester Cathedral: Is the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Manchester, seat of the bishop and the city's parish church and is located on Victoria Street in the city centre.

The Manchester Walking Tour was an incredible way to learn about the city and understand the history and culture of such an important and unique city. Whether you have just a day to explore Manchester or you have lived here all your life I would highly recommend joining a guided tour to gain a brand new perspective and insight on this fascinating and extremely enjoyable city.


By Alba Olmo

Date: 2017-11-28 13:17:43