North West England Region

Whether it's for a few whirlwind days or your whole holiday, England's North West has a wealth of attractions to inspire and excite you. Home to the world's most famous soccer teams, the planet's Mecca for ballroom dancing, the birth place of the Beatles and the most stunning mountain and lake views England has to offer, you'll find it all in the North West of England.

City Life

England's North West offers two fantastic cultural and historic cities, Manchester and Liverpool. Between them they have wonderful museums including Manchester's Imperial War Museum and Liverpool's Tate Gallery as well as boasting stunning industrial age architecture and enough history to satisfy even the keenest of enthusiasts.

Both cities are thriving centres of commerce and entertainment and you'll find no shortage of great activities no matter what your age or taste. You can take in a unique view of Manchester's industrial heritage on Salford's dock cruises or tour Manchester United's world-famous soccer ground. When you're done there why not head over to Liverpool and take in the atmosphere of the Cavern Club, home of the Beatles earliest gigs, followed by a wander round the breath-taking Liverpool Cathedral.

Mountains upon mountains
Lake District

For any lover of the countryside, England's Lake District is simply a must. With small tarns and enormous lakes around every corner, it's a hiker's paradise as no matter which route you chose, the views just seem to get better and better. For those who prefer to appreciate nature the less strenuous way, there are beautiful sunset cruises and cafes a-plenty. The Lakes boast some of the most quaint and idyllic little towns that you will ever find, perfect for that good cup of English tea before trying the local Cumberland sausage in a gorgeous country pub.

And everything in between...

Aside from mountains and buzzing cities, the North West is home to Blackpool which contains Britain's largest amusement park as well as a beach and the world centre for ballroom dancing. Chester is a national treasure; an ancient city complete with Roman fortified walls built in 70AD and one of the UK's greatest Cathedrals. Packed with old Tudor buildings, Roman, Saxon and medieval history as far as the eye can see, it's hard to know where to begin when touring this incredible corner of England.


By Ruth Lancey

Date: 2018-01-17 09:46:32